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The Science of Black Hair Review; It’s Worth Gold

Heard of the book, The science of black hair? No? That’s one book everyone has to read especially if you are struggling with your hair, whether it’s natural, colored or chemically treated/ relaxed this book is a must have. It’s my reference book.

You will learn about the structure of your hair and scalp and know what, there are magnified images of your scalp and hair. Gives details on building a hair care regimen which is the foundation for healthy hair, minimizing breakage, growth and retaining length

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The science of black hair review
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The science of black hair.

The book is a comprehensive guide to textured hair care. was published in 2011 and the author is Audrey Davis- Sivasothy. You can purchase it on amazon & amazon kindle

 It has 14 chapters focusing on hair care;

  • Scalp and Hair structure, function and characteristics
  • Textured hair properties and principles
  • Understanding hair growth and damage for healthier hair care.
  • Healthy hair care regimen building
  • Hair products selection basics
  • Protein & Moisture balancing strategies for breakage correction & defense.
  • Getting started with a healthy hair care product regimen.
  • Low manipulation Hair maintenance strategies
  • Coloring textured hair
  • Chemically relaxing textured hair
  • Transitioninf from Relaxed to Natural Hair
  • Regimen building considerations for kids.
  • How our Health affects our hair
  • Working out on a Healthy Hair Care regimen.

The science of black hair book is a well researched and detailed book that gives knowledge on hair with a scientific background. I know some of us didn’t enjoy science back in school but trust me, that isn’t the kind of science Audrey Davis- sivasothy  is talking about, it is an easy read.

Everything you need to know about hair care is covered in this book, from transitioning to natural hair, relaxing & coloring your hair, building a regimen for you and your kids, maintaining the moisture- protein balance, ph balance, selecting the right products by highlighting the ingredients to look for and how your nutrition affect your hair or rather growing your hair from inside out.

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My Review.

This has to be my go to guide on natural hair. The science of black hair is my reference book, years later and I still refer to it. I love how it’s detailed and easy to read. You don’t need a dictionary or your science book, it’s pretty easy and enjoyable to read. I read about the moisture- protein balance and ingredients to look for in a moisture & protein based deep conditioner in this book for the very first time.

You can never go wrong with a frohawk

Gift yourself, cousin, aunty, brother, friend this book because it’s worth every penny and your hair will thank you for it.

Purchase your copy here.

Have you read The Science of Black Hair? Lemme know what your thoughts are and how the book has been of help to you.


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