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Part 2; Natural Hair Regimen / routine switch up.

Natural hair regimen is essential for growth of healthy hair and the regimen ought to be consistent too. You can change your hair regimen or switch up if it isn’t working for your hair.

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To start off, in case you missed the part one of this, catch up. Now that you have read it, let’s get to the part two of it.

Changes in my Natural Hair Regimen

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I switched up from using instant conditioners for my prepoo to oils since I only used instant conditioner as my prepoo product, detangler and for co-washing once in a while when my hair doesn’t feel too dirty with crazy build up.

I don’t really use instant conditioners anymore and this saves me money.
Lately have been alternating between on shelf deep conditioners and avocado+ banana+ honey DIY conditioner and sometimes I add Aloe Vera as well.

Have used mangoes twice too. I love this DIY cause bananas give me super defined curls, avocado stimulates growth and strengthens the strands, honey moisturizes my hair and Aloe Vera gives me volume, length and soothes itchy scalp.

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Styling/Protective styles.
Natural hair regimen includes protective styling too not wash day steps alone. If you’ve been following my blogs, you already know my to go to protective styles are braids/braid-out and twist/twist-outs. Am a huge advocate for protective styles that are truly protective not protective styles that break your hair.

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I love braid/ twists outs since I can wear braids/ twists for days before revealing my bouncy, curly and defined braid/ twists out but I tend to wear twists more often because I find them easier to plait than braids. Am switching to three strand twists, the volume, curls from the twist outs is to die for (not literally though)

Am also into twisting on dry and stretched hair then moisturize unlike sometime back when I twisted on damp and moisturized hair. Dry and stretched hair gives more volume and length but not as much shine as damp and moisturized hair.

Do you change your Natural Hair regimen often or you stick to it?

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  • Wendy

    I love twist outs on dry and stretched hair too but I try to keep my hair away in braids or cornrows if not, my hands always itch to style my hair.

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