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Part 1: Essential Hair Regimen / routine switch up.

My hair regimen has really changed overtime, the adventurous self been trying new stuff, letting go and brushing others off.

Heeyyah mane embracers, how’re y’all holding up? Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

Some of the changes were due to product FAIL(I literally cried), ever tried a product with all the right ingredients and heavenly scent but it screws your hair? No, will fill you in about it. I did let go of some products as well since they didn’t seem as important and embraced new products, routines and styles.

Changes in my Hair Regimen

This being my third year since I embraced my natural hair with a couple of big chops (I do get scissors excited sometimes), crazy breakage, more volume and length, perfect twist and braid outs, I have learnt to know what my hair wants and just because everyone is doing it, it doesn’t make it right or necessary.

As a beginner you tend to try every product, hair hack, DIY just everything that seems to work for someone else which am always against, I always advice start with a line of product and figure out how your hair acts and feels then start switching up products and routines but until you’ve figured how your hair behaves, trying lots of stuff at once can ruin your hair and the worst part is figuring out which of the changes caused it. Try one change at a time and on to my changes;

hair regimen pre poo step
At first, I skipped prepoo for no main reason really let’s just say I didn’t buy the adding oil or conditioner on already dirty hair with products build up, how now? I used Aloe Vera applied directly on my hair from the leaf as my prepoo and detangler.

product_image_name-Mikalla-Honey & Butter Conditioner 500ml.-1

Did it work? Yes, for sometime until it started drying my hair like crazy.
My next prepoo product was an instant conditioner from mikalla, gave a good slip, left my hair feeling soft after cleansing and the scent was heavenly. I can’t really tell how long I used it until I switched up to using oils as my prepoo and detangler.

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I use a mixture of castor and olive oil, no coconut oil will fill you in on why I switched up from coconut oil. Ratio of the mixture? I don’t measure anything other than medicine syrup. I just pour them in my oil container until I hear the spirit of my ancestors say,” that’s enough my child”
I have had my share of failed shampoo trials. Well, one of the shampoo was working just fine until it started drying out my hair, I wanna blame the sulphate in the shampoo but I think as you transition your hair changes so does it needs and most probably that what happened.

On to the next shampoo and my hair got a new shade of brown and everyone thought I had dyed my hair. I really hated my hair then, I almost chopped it off but mama raised no quitter.

hair regimen.. shampooing step
I began the journey of darkening my hair and my first step was to cut the ends, they had concentrated shade of brown then to using olive oil. Olive oil gives your hair a darker color and shine and a year plus down the line, a girl is happy.

I know I know, conditioning should be next but I thought of doing oils next and then do conditioning, moisturizing and styling as part two of this blog post. I mean, this post is long enough and I don’t wanna bore you with a long read.

Coconut oil was my oil of choice during my transitioning but down the road I figured the oil dried out my hair, didn’t seal in the moisture anymore and on to a heavier oil. I switched to castor oil for moisture sealing and scalp massage since it stimulates growth and mixed it with Olive oil, remember my dyed hair scenario?

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Natural hair journey needs patience, love, resilience and changes in hair regimen/routine when necessary. Has your natural regimen/routine changed since you began embracing your natural? How and why?

Thank you for reading and see you on part two of changes in my hair regimen/routine.


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