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Natural Hair Wash day; Top 8 essentials for a smooth wash day.

Wash day can be an extreme sport if you haven’t had an hang of it yet. At the beginning of my journey, wash days weren’t my favorite because I was still learning about the Do’s and Don’ts of wash day and natural hair generally.

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Wash day; Detangled hair
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I figured what worked best for me and my wash days are all smooth and a little fun. In this post I wanna share essential tools and products that every natural needs for a smooth wash day. Wash day doesn’t have to be that hectic, extreme sport and you don’t have to dread it.

Wash day Must Have Products and Tools.

Hair Clips.
If you don’t wash your hair in sections, then that where the problem is. Always work with sectioned hair whether its during pre-poo, detangling, washing, braiding etc. Section your hair into two or four sections and hold the hair with clips. Trust me they come in handy and you can find them in every cosmetic shop or you can buy here

Applicator Bottle.
For efficient and effective pre-poo and hot oil treatment, an applicator bottle is your go to product.

Shower cap & a towel.
These two go hand in hand for me and they should do or should they? You can use a thermal cap as well. After deep conditioning wear your shower cap and wrap a towel for the conditioner to penetrate your strands. A thermal cap too comes in handy.

Old T-shirt / Microfiber towel
NEVER use a towel to dry your hair unless you just wrap it on your hair and let it absorb the water from your hair. Rubbing a towel on your hair may break your hair due to friction and have your hair matting and tangling. ALWAYS use a micro fiber towel or an old t-shirt but don’t rub on your hair just hold the t-shirt onto your hair to absorb the water.

MUST HAVE products.

An oil of choice for prepoo; olive, castor, coconut, tea tree oils etc.

Detangler /instant conditioner
Some instant conditioners are great for prepoo and are amazing detanglers.

A shampoo is essential for cleansing your hair and use shampoos that don’t strip your hair of its natural oils. Sulfate shampoos are known to strip off natural oils but I know people who use them and their mane is flourishing and others use it once in a while to clean the build up. Personally, sulfate shampoos are a nightmare, they dry my hair like crazy.

Deep conditioners.
Deep conditioners are either moisturizing of protein based. They come in different names like hair mask, moisturizing treatment, protein treatment, reconstructor and repair etc. They add protein and moisture to the dry and damaged hair preventing hair breakage, thus also known as repairing/restoring conditioners.

Some deep conditioners require heat after applying but all you need is apply the deep conditioner, put on your plastic/shower cap and place a warm towel on your head for around 15-20 minutes then rinse out. Some products require one to rinse with cold water so check the directions of use on the label.

With the above must have essentials, your wash day will run smoothly.
What are your wash day essentials?


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