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Natural hair Styles; 5 Easy to achieve styles.

I did a thing guys. Your girl is on a mission to try new styles and up her styling game.

Hello Mane Embracers, I hope your hair is growing and skin glowing. Welcome to my blog and be sure to keep it for healthy hair care tips and tricks.

Flat twist-out Afro

I did another thing, installed flat twists as my low manipulation style for a week or so and the flat twist-out turned to an Afro. I love wearing my Afro or may be I love it because my styling game is 👎👎👎. Either way we all agree that afros are cute.

Afro styles
Flat twist-out styles

Bun & bangs.

First, I uploaded a tutorial on Facebook and Instagram, be sure to check out. It’s an easy to achieve style. Got no time to figure out how style your hair? Well, this style is for you.

Bun & bangs styles
A bun & bangs natural hair style.

Bun & flat twist

Same bun but flat twisted the bangs & the look gave me some ‘ hey there, praise and worship & good gal vibe.’ It’s an official look, easy to achieve style & a less than 5 minutes style.

flat twists styles
Bun & flat twist styles

Low puff & twists.

I live for high puffs but side puffs are okay too. I loved the look & the twists were, “hide my forehead thing.” Hello fellow gals with a big forehead & heart.

twists and low puff styles
low puff & twists

Twists & tucked twists.

Turned the low puff to chunky twists and pinned them. For a moment I thought I had locs but they don’t look like locs though.

Twisted bun styles
Twisted bun styles

The IT style.

How gorgeous is this style?

Natural hair Afro
Natural hair Afro

I would love to know which of the styles is your favorite.

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