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Moisturizing 101; Easy peasy.#StylingSaturday

Moisturizing the right way goes a long way and by moisturizing right I mean what works best for your hair type.

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Thank you for being part of the moisturizing series and I hope you found it useful. I have a post or two more on moisturizing.

Moisturizing 101; Moisturized twist outs

So, on this #StylingSaturday I thought I should share with you how I moisturize my hair. Let’s start off with my transitioning days, then all I did was moisturize with water only and seal with an oil, after some time I added  leave in my moisturizing routine.

How I go about moisturizing.

Moisturizing the right way goes a long way and by doing it right I mean what works best for your hair type. You can moisturize/ add moisture to your hair via different moisturizing methods.

I do add moisture by pre pooing(I don’t skip this step), hot oil treatment and using the LOC method to moisturize my hair but I don’t use creams, butters and gels. How I moisturize:

  • After rinsing off the deep conditioner/ hot oil treatment, that’s where I start to moisturize.
  • I dry my hair with a t-shirt or sometimes I wrap the towel and let it absorb the water and once my hair is damp I apply my leave in conditioner then seal with castor and olive oil then wear four braids to let it dry.
  • Once it has dried up and the braids down, I moisturize before manipulating whether it’s styling or wearing a protective style. I spritz water + leave in or Aloe Vera juice, add more moisture with my leave in then seal with castor and olive oil.
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