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Love up in the Afro with cutlyAfrikana.

Heeyyah mane embracers, how’re y’all holding up? Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my what’s Natural hair to you series featuring curly Afrikana.

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Love in the Afro

Who is Curly Afrikana?

Curly Afrikana is a natural hair blogger. A confident naturalista who enjoys wearing her natural Afro and inspiring others to do the same . Aside from being a hair blogger I am a marketer by profession.

I would describe myself as a lazy natural but my main aim as a naturalista is to have healthy, thicker and longer hair so I am a length and volume kinda natural.
I have been on this natural hair journey since September 2018 after cutting off all my damaged hair. I had severe hair damage from relaxers and excessive use of heat.

When did it click that I have to start embracing natural hair?
To be honest after experiencing bad hair damage from heat and relaxers, I knew it was time for me start this journey. I wasn’t gonna spend my whole life chasing what wasn’t given to me naturally. I knew that straight hair wasn’t for me and it involved too much work to get my hair straight every single time.\

That’s when I started this journey. Another reason that triggered the decision to go natural was my lovely daughter. My little girl has curly hair and I want her to look up to me. I want her to grow up loving her curls. How will I teach her to love and be comfortable in her own skin if I am doing the opposite? I don’t want her to go through the pressure to have straight hair or a certain type of hair. I don’t have a problem with straight hair though, it’s a free world and to each their own.

What’s your biggest hair achievements?

My greatest achievement of all was totally embracing my Afro and wearing it almost everyday. This is something I never thought I would do but look at me now. I love it and I am not about to stop.

How do you document your hair journey?
I have a YouTube channel and an Instagram account. I share the highs, the lows and everything in between my hair journey.

What I would tell naturals who are still at that uncomfortable length is Just embrace it! There is never a better time to wear your TWA than right now when its really short. You will grow into it trust me.

What is perfect hair to you?
Well, perfect hair to means healthy, happy hair. Also, perfect hair means confidence. Whenever I feel good and confident with my hair that’s perfect hair for me.

What’s your top 5 natural hair struggles?

  • Knowing when to trim my hair because the last time I did it I ended up regretting
  • Finding hair products in this side of the world where majority of the population have straight hair is hard but I have worked my way around that to ensure that I get natural hair products in time
  • Dealing with harsh weather conditions. You see in Europe the weather can be really dry and damaging to our natural hair. I have not found a solution for that though, this is a journey and soon I will know what to do
  • Time is another struggle. As a studying mum to a little girl, it is hard to find so much time to take care of my hair as much as I would love to. I have thick hair and that means spending more time on wash days. I have had to skip some steps just to get over with it.
  • Putting my hair in protective styles is a struggle for me. One I don’t have the time and 2 I love wearing out my Afro. Sometimes I have to choose between those 2.
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What’s the best comment have you ever received about my hair?
Someone once told me they love how confident I look anytime I am wearing my Afro. That’s so true. There is something about natural hair that changes my attitude about situations.
Meanest comment? I have never gotten a mean comment about my hair.
Have I ever felt like chopping of my hair? Hell no! I am in this for a very very long time and even when it starts turning grey, I am gonna be that grandma with long grey hair.

Signing out remarks:

I think it is time we start teaching the younger generation of African women that curly hair is okay, kinky hair is okay and shrinkage is also okay. Natural hair is not hard to handle. That’s why on my social media accounts I always insist on wearing your short hair out as much as you can. You will learn a lot about your hair and grow into it. Do not expect your hair to perform miracles because it takes patience. Above all love yourself to know whats better for you.

Thank you for reading & sharing is caring.

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