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Is prepoo Important or not + wash day update

Let’s talk prepoo for a minute, do you prepoo? Is it an important step on your wash day?

Hello mane embracers, I hope your crowns are flourishing and your skin glowing. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

If you don’t prepoo, why don’t you? Prepoo simply means pre-shampoo/ the first/second step of your wash day (where you treat your hair to keep shampoo from stripping off the moisture and natural oils) first if you prepoo then detangle and second if you detangle then prepoo.

Personally, I prepoo with a mixture of olive and castor oils overnight then detangle because prepoo makes detangling easier.

I only prepoo when my hair feels super dry and brittle. On those days when my hair feels moisturized, I only apply fresh aloe Vera sap from the leaf like smear the sap on my hair and since it gives me good slip on moisturized hair, I detangle the get down to cleansing my hair. I’ll be sharing with your how and why I use Aloe Vera on my hair.

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Why prepoo.
Prepoo is essential to reduce the stripping effects of shampoo. Some shampoo strip the natural oils and moisture from your hair.
Prepoo gives your hair a good slip, making it easier to detangle.
It softens the hair.
Gives your hair shine.

How to prepoo.
You can prepoo using your favorite oils or instant conditioner. Section your hair according to your volume, i do four sections. Spritz your hair until damp to moisturize your hair for easier oil penetration.

Use an applicator bottle to apply oil from the scalp all the to the ends. Massage your scalp too for oil penetration and stimulate growth. Braid or twist your hair and cover it with a shower cap overnight or you can use a thermal cap to fasten the process.

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Wash day update.
Have always been adamant about adding oils to my deep conditioner because I feel that’s adding a lot of oil on my hair, from prepoo to adding oil in my deep conditioner? Nah. So, this weekend I skipped prepoo and had fresh aloe Vera sap on my hair.

I didn’t add oil in my deep conditioner, I first gave my freshly washed hair a hot oil treatment then applied the deep conditioner and gave my scalp a relaxing and growth stimulating massage.

product_image_name-Mosara-Deep Treatment Masque - 500g-1

Had the deep conditioner overnight and rinsed off with cool water and I loved the results but the bad news is I didn’t take a picture for you guys, I remembered about after have had my flat twists on. I promise to do better. My hair felt super soft, moisturized and the curls were well defined, i’ll be attaching the pictures here on my next wash day.

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