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Frequently asked Type 4 Natural hair care questions Pt 2

Hello mane embracers, I hope your crowns are flourishing and your skin glowing. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

Did you miss out on part 1 of this? Catch up here. Let’s dive into part 2 of frequently asked questions.

Your Natural hair questions.

Every time I comb my hair , it breaks/ My hair just keeps breaking. What should I do?

I hope you know the difference between breakage and shedding because all the hair on your comb or brush ain’t breakage. Certain it’s breakage? Well breakage can be as a result of over-manipulation (brushing & combing), lack of moisture, excessive heat or heat damage, skipping trims & keeping those split, damaged ends and weak hair. 

Top 12 causes of Natural Hair Breakage you should know.

Why deep conditioning your Type 4 Natural Hair is Essential for growth of healthy hair.

Keep your hair moisturized, deep condition with a moisturizing and protein conditioner to reconstruct & strengthen your strands, minimize heat styling, trim your ends regularly and avoid daily styling, combing and brushing.

Moisturizing Deep Conditioners for Type 4 Dry Natural hair.

Why protein treatment is essential for Healthy Type 4 Natural Hair.

My hair is steel-wool hard, how can I soften it?

Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturized hair is soft and manageable. Deep condition with a moisturizing deep conditioner after cleansing, moisturize after rinsing off the deep conditioner and moisturize daily, after every few days or weekly. How often you moisturize will depend on the moisturizer and sealing products you are using, weather and your hair porosity too.

How to use leave-in Conditioners on Type 4 Natural Hair.

How to keep Type 4 Natural Hair Moisturized for Longer

Top 10 ways to moisturize Natural Hair.

Moisturizing products and tools for 4C Natural Hair.

Top 40 Leave-In conditioners for 4C Natural Hair.

Natural hair change
Hair tip; A consistent hair care routine is essential for health, length & volume

Have lost my hairline/ my edges are thinning. How can I regrow them?

Care for your edges while you can lay them. To start off, do you know how you lost your edges? Tight hairstyles, pulling your hair when styling, excessive brushing, plaiting your edges and so on. Catch up on causes of receding hairline & how to regrow your edges.

How can I stretch my hair without using heat?

The most common & easy way I stretch my hair is by braiding, 6-8 moisturized braids. Other heat stretching methods include; African threading, am yet to try it, twists, haven’t had much success with this cos twists shrink a little but you can stretch the twists by banding which is also a stretching method. I do stretch my hair by wearing 2 flat twists or cornrows.

Stretching 4C Natural Hair; Flat twists Vs Braids.

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What’s my secret for length and volume?

It’s no secret a consistent hair care routine, right hair care practices, products and tools plus patience will give you the length and volume you desire. Check out how I grow my hair here.

Until the next blog post, stay safe, be gentle with yourself & stay anchored in God

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