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Frequently asked Type 4 Natural hair care questions Pt 1.

Hello mane embracers, I hope your crowns are flourishing and your skin glowing. Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

I get asked a lot of questions on natural hair care on a daily basis, most of which are related or the same questions but differently framed. So, I decided to posts frequently asked questions.

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Styling tip; If your twist out doesn’t turn out super defined, comb out until mid-length & flex the Afro

How can I make my hair natural?

First, natural hair refers to hair that has not had its texture chemically altered. Is heat damaged hair natural? Yes but if you want your natural texture, you’ve to trim the damaged parts. 

The only way to make your hair natural is to chop off the relaxed hair & grow out your natural hair or long-term transitioning where you cut off the relaxed ends as you grow out your natural hair “growth”.

Transitioning to Natural Hair; Top 10 Tips.

There isn’t any turn relaxed hair into natural hair miracle. To easily transition, here are transitioning rules and tips.

Have tried everything and my hair won’t grow.

Sis, have you tried a consistent hair care routine? Not yet? Well, that’s the foundation for growth and health. A routine entails; Wash day, Moisturizing, protective styling, protecting hair when sleeping and healthy or right hair care practices. 

Note that your hair is always growing, so if you ain’t seeing any length it’s because you ain’t retaining your length/ the rate of breakage is higher than length retention. Growth rate also differs from person to person but with a consistent hair care routine, right hair care products & practices and length retention, you should notice growth.

Which products can I use to grow my hair faster?

Chillax sis! If products grew our hair faster, we all would have waist length manes but just look at our lengths? Magic products don’t work, stop wasting your hard earned money on them. Treat yourself for a date, buy the right hair care products or that book you’ve been meaning to buy. 

Products cleanse, moisturize, strengthen your hair & set favorable conditions for your hair to grow. Get you the right products, consistent hair care routine and healthy hair care practices.

Moisturizing products and tools for 4C Natural Hair.

Will protective styles grow my hair?

Not really, protective style is just that, protective style. They protect your hair from daily manipulation or styling, damage and help in retaining length. 

This is what happens when you’re wearing a protective style; your hair is growing & because your hair is protected from tugging, pulling and manipulation, which means you’re retaining the length you had plus your hair is growing so you notice more length when you take down a protective style.

5 Steps to prep your Natural hair for Protective Style

For a style to fit as a protective style, it should be installed properly(not tightly held, not too small), protect or rather keep your ends out of sight, moisturized properly and regularly, shouldn’t need daily styling & don’t wear it for too long?

Top 5 reasons why protective styles are breaking your hair.

Can I wash my hair everyday?

Can we switch places for a minute? Where do you get the time and energy to wash your hair everyday? To answer you question, No you don’t need to wash your hair everyday cos daily shampooing strips off the natural hair oils and moisture. 

The ultimate 5 Step Wash day routine for 4c Hair

Wash your hair at least once a week and if you have to wash it bi-weekly, co-wash midweek and properly cleanse at the end of the week. How often should one wash their hair?

How often you wash your hair will depend on how much/heavy products you use on your hair, if your hair is exposed to dirt/dust, you workout daily and/or you sweat a lot etc.

My 4C Natural Hair Wash day Routine.

That’s all for today, let’s pick from here over the weekend with the part two of frequently asked natural hair questions.


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