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Don’t get it twisted, You can nail a bomb twist out.

Hello ManEmbracers, I hope your hair is growing and skin glowing. On to Mane Motivation Monday & it’s a twist out motivation like a how it started and how it’s going thing.

My first ever curl defined twists

This is my very first defined twist out. You have no idea how excited I was, my hair was fairly long & had less volume but I loved it as it was. I mean I ain’t depleting my products after a couple of weeks or complaining about the change in product’s consistency.

I used movit curling cream to achieve the look. I don’t use the product anymore, haven’t used it for the last 3-4 years or so. Started out with freshly washed, conditioned and damp hair, applied the curl cream on the section before twisting. Can’t recall how long I had the twists before unravelling but the results were amazing.

My second twist out & one of my favorite pictures. 


I achieved this look by just twisting my heat-stretched hair, left the twists for days or probably a week before unravelling. How gorgeous is it, I’m still obsessed with the picture.

My second favorite twist outs.

I have had a couple of failed twist out since I stopped using heat and curling cream. I would only use a  leave -in on my braid-stretched hair & only the front part of my hair would have a beautiful curly & defined twist out. The texture at the front part is quite different from the rest of my hair & has a different growth rate or so I think. Since I could only nail the twist out at the front part, this was my signature look.

I changed my leave-in from movit leave in to mikalla total moisture boost which would give me curls when I applied on damp hair & that’s how I ended up with defined & gorgeous twist outs every single time.

Transitioned from twisting my hair when damp to twisting it when dry after cleansing, deep conditioning and moisturizing. I still got the definition and the best part with twisting dry hair is you get more length though the damp hair gives me better curls or definition.

Lately, I don’t have to use a particular product for a bomb twist out as long as the product moisturizes my hair & also the fact that I fully transitioned to my natural curl pattern makes it achievable every single time. The interesting part is I no longer stress about achieving a bomb twist out, all I want is for the twists to last me 2-3 weeks. Twists are perfect low manipulation or protective style.

Lately, I just comb out my twist to an Afro or hold into a puff

The motivation today is;

  • Enjoy where you are in your journey & love your hair in whichever state or stage you’re in.
  • Figure out which products or methods works best for you.
  • Be patient & don’t get disappointed when your hair doesn’t turn out like your favorite blogger’s at first trial. We all started somewhere.

All I am saying is keep trying, enjoy every step of it & be patient.

Curling creams you can try the next time you wanna give twist outs a chance;

Marini “curl me pretty” curling butter

product_image_name-Marini Naturals-"Curl Me Pretty” Curling Butter - 300ml-1

Sheth naturals curl cream

product_image_name-SHETH NATURALS-Curl Creme-1

Aunt jackie’s curl defining custard

product_image_name-Aunt Jackie'S-Curl La La Defining Curl Custard -15oz-1

Saru Organics curl pudding

product_image_name-Saru Organics-Shea And Avocado Butter Curls Pudding-1

Dew point Naturals curling cream

product_image_name-Dew Point Naturals-Natural Curling Cream-500ml-1

Have you nailed twist outs or still on the trial phase? Get tips for a bomb twist outs here

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