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“Doing me” 4 Natural hair rules I don’t follow.

I have never been the person to follow trends and fit in a box or follow all the rules, it’s always been Imma do me and what works for me and am letting you in my “doing me” episode.

Heeyyah mane embracers, how’re y’all holding up? Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

Whoa it’s been a minute. Nobody told me being a consistent blogger is this hard but a girl is committed and once my fingers itch to type, content flows and today is all about what most naturals do but this queen here doesn’t.

natural hair rules
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Laying edges….For who?
I know they look gorgeous and all but that’s a no way for me. First, I have worked so hard (lol) to grow and care for my edges, there is no way am losing them. Second, have never tried to lay them so if a day comes that my life will depend on laying them, let the world know I inspired you to embrace your natural hair.

Curling cream/Styling gel
My experience with curling cream wasn’t the best, flakes and dried my hair out. Seems like the combination of products didn’t work well or something went wrong. Have never used a styling gel simply because I can’t stand too much product on my hair and I can work my way around styling without the gel. Back to curling cream, how do you avoid flakes?

Using instant / Rinse off conditioners.
I conditioned my hair a lot from cowash, detangling with conditioner, conditioning after shampooing and so on but lately I don’t use instant conditioners. I detangle after oil prepoo, stopped cowashing I shampoo my hair after every two weeks and deep condition on every wash day. Instant conditioners are my past.

No combs/brushes.
I haven’t had a comb in my hair since late last year. I read a post on going slow on combs helps one retain length and volume and stuff like that. The adventurous self got down on it and months later, can’t complain. I detangle, comb out ad style with my fingers and as for brushes, never used but I own one just in case I decide to get adventurous.

The fun part of embracing natural hair is doing what works best for your hair, just because everyone else is doing it’s doesn’t mean you should or it’s right. Just do you, get adventurous, break the rules, make your rules., don’t be a perfectionist because life is too short to chase perfection.

Lemme know your “doing me” natural hair rules.


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