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African Hair Tales; Astonishing hair adventures

Loving, tending and rocking our crowns should be part of routine and lifestyle. Have had my share of hair adventures that I would love to share with you guys.

Heeyyah mane embracers, how’re y’all holding up? Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my natural hair blog.

Welcome to my hair diaries, the stories up in the hair. What did you dread and love the most about having the black African hair? Black African hair has been the least appreciated and been labelled unofficial, untidy ,hard and so on but it’s the most lush, our pride and speaks volumes about our roots.

To start on, my first Aha! hair moment was when I had my first shave with my cornrows on because I couldn’t deal with the heat from hot combs and the pulling while plaiting was too much. Have shared the story and a couple of hair rants here. So, before the big chop my cousin and I had an a heat hair stretching experiment.

There used to be a can with tiny holes at the bottom and a handle at my grandma’s. Being the curious and adventurous set of kids, we inquired about the use of the can and surprisingly, the can was the hot combs of back in the day, shocking right? This is how it works; put hot red pieces of coal in the can, shake them up to sieve off the ash and up on your hair it goes.

Did I try it on my hair? Yes I did. How did it go? So great until a coal burnt my neck real bad. My hair was short then, my cousin was good at doing cornrows but you know the African hair is ‘so hard’ needs some heat to be manageable cliché got us experimenting with the can. I can’t really remember the experience but I do remember the burn, scream and my first crazy hair adventure.

What’s your most memorable African hair story, experience or adventure? I am curious to know😉

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